My writings on Christianity, football, relationships, mental health +

Please find on this website a collection of my writings principally containing all those I included under the umbrella title ‘The Arsenal of Grace‘ produced up to 29/10/2005 and have not changed since. Select the page from those listed across the black bar or columns below it, then hover over a subject title shown,  blue and underlined, and click open. Then be patient. Apologies that Word is the only programme able to then open a document. Also, I have not yet worked out how to utilise the blog/comment/post available, – maybe it is therefore best to email me:

The Arsenal of Grace: 93 separte articles totalling 400 A4 pages, ~360,00 words
Communion: My writings over the years on my most important topic
In addition: Further articles, emails, and other documents I am happy to make public

For information about me go to ’The Arsenal of Grace’ Cover article, Facebook or LinkedIn, or to my mental health testimony, summer 2005, RethinkPersonalArticle

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